Welcome to Red Mountain Ironworks.  We are a blacksmith shop producing ornamental and architectural projects of all sorts. Our focus is on creating original, inspired, and functional pieces for your home or business.  We strive everyday to be the best we can at what we do.

From design through installation, we can take you through the process of creating a beautiful project in iron, steel, bronze, aluminum, or a variety of other metals. We want to be involved in those projects that will make your home or workplace special, the projects that make an impact.











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This is not a true archive page. Gallery of all the projects we’ve done. Use categories like Doors, Gates, Railings etc. The caption area would be used for connecting a single picture to the blog. For example if the wanted to describe the process of how a specific door was made with pictures and text. After the Gallery area, a list of the most recent blogs from the category of portfolio would show.

This page would be a bunch of single photos of parts and pieces that could inspire a viewer about their own project. This page would be an archive page of the blog with only the posts categorized as Ideas.

This page describes the process that the customer would go through. It should talk about the design and sketching phase, the build phase, installation and anything else. There would also be an area talking about the techniques of the blacksmithing process. There would be a link to the plasma cutter page on this list.

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By categorizing a post you’re choosing where on the site you want it to show up. The blog would be almost like a tumblr of different types of content including small inspirational photos, in-depth how it was made articles linked to the portfolio, Announcements about the recent news from the shop, or Just a quick picture about what they’re currently working on.