For more information about some of the ways we can transform raw steel into finished works, check out the following pages:

If you’re interested in having Red Mountain Ironworks build something for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are willing to consider almost any project in metal. As a Red Mountain Ironworks customer, the process of working through your project usually works like this:


Everything starts with getting in touch by phone or email. The details of smaller projects can be worked out over the phone or email. On larger projects, we love for our clients to come into the shop  to discuss ideas, or we will meet you on site as necessary.


Once we’ve discussed what you want to see in your project, we will sit down and make a shop sketch. In this phase of construction, we work out material sizes, dimensions, and any other key details. If you are working with an architect or a designer, we will work with them on completing your design. This sketch becomes the blueprint we follow to construct your project.

At this point, we also quote a price for the project, and upon approval, we usually ask for about 1/3 of the total as a deposit.


When we are ready to begin building, we receive the raw materials, usually in the form of 20 ft. long sticks of steel, and begin cutting them to the appropriate sizes. We have a number of precise tools for this, including a bandsaw, shear, and CNC controlled plasma cutter.  From there, any forgework is done over the anvil. The project is assembled on our fabrication tables.




At this stage, on larger projects, we might ask for a draw of another 1/3 of the total due on the project, if your project takes up more than two weeks of shop time.


Once fabrication is complete, we clean up the entire piece with a grinder, wirebrush, sandblasting, acids, or any other means that is required. The finish appropriate for the project is then applied. We have a wide variety of finishes available, please see the Finishes page for more information.


When the finishing process is complete, we are ready to deliver or install the project. We can install interior projects at almost any stage of home construction. Generally, railings are installed after the sanding and staining of flooring but before the final touchup. We are equipped to safely weld inside a home, if necessary.  We will not leave the install until you are 100% satisfied with the project.  When everyone is satisfied with the project, we will bill for the balance due on the project.