Oil and Wax

This is the blacksmith’s traditional finish. We make ours from boiled linseed oil and beeswax. This is a non toxic finish, which make it good for kitchen items and interior use. It requires regular upkeep with fresh wax, and is not usually suitable for exterior use.


This is the finish of choice for our interior railings and furniture. On most pieces, we will use a rotary wire brush to clean the metal and bring it to a low lustre. Then we will spray several coats of clear nitrocellulose lacquer, which dries to a hard and resilient finish. This method really brings out the beauty of forged steel, especially on textured surfaces.


On some pieces, we will simply let the steel rust naturally. Other times we will use a variety of chemical products to accelerate the process. Either way, some interesting looks can be obtained by letting rust develop on the surface. There are drawbacks to letting a piece rust, however. Once rust starts it is difficult to stop. The resulting finish can be unstable, and ultimately the structural integrity of the whole piece might eventually be compromised.

Alkyd Enamels

This is the industry standard for exterior applications. Usually we apply a xylene based primer, and then several coats of an Alkyd Enamel as the topcoat. A wrought iron black is the most popular color, but we can paint your piece any other color, such as a house trim color, if provided with the correct pain number code.
This paint is relatively inexpensive and easy to apply and touch up. It doesn’t last forever outside, though, and the color retention is not great, especially in the full sun.

Two Part urethanes

These paints are tougher and longer lasting than oil based paints. They usually offer excellent gloss and color retention. We offer this system as a high end alternative for exterior projects.

Hot dip Galvanizing

This is a process by which the entire project gets dipped in a vat of molten zinc. While it can be somewhat messy and sloppy, galvanizing offers excellent rust and corrosion resistance. A galvanized surface can be left as is or it can be painted over for a more finished look.


Powder coating is a special way of painting where the pigment is sprayed on in powder form and then baked on in a hardening oven. The result is a finish that is uniform and very durable. When combined with E-coating as a primer, it is an almost impervious finish and is highly recommended for outdoor furniture and the like.

Chrome plating

This is a process by which the surface of the steel is plated with chrome, giving a shiny surface finish that can be highly polished. This is a specialty finish, but it provides a unique look for custom furniture or lighting.

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